Personalized Humiliation With Goddess Lanie

I have covered humiliation quite a bit but lately I have discovered something super interesting that I feel I should totally explore a bit more but to do so, I need some qualified participants…

I am definitely NOT new to humiliation and/or humiliating men but with this very personal type of humiliation it takes a very special someone. Someone that is willing to open up, take their time, share their most intimate, secrets, experiences, to dig super deep and share the most personal, almost embarrassing moments… Totally opening up and exposing their feelings, emotions, desires.

Once you have opened up and you have shared everything that is when we go back and we discuss the Who’s, whats, when, where and why….

Who was involved?
What was involved?
When did it happen?
Where did it happen?
Why did it happen?

It is deep. It is personal. It is erotic. You expose yourself and I pick every little detail apart….

What I have found so amazing about this very personal humiliation experience is that it is just very personal. It is about you. It is what you did. It may be a secret that you are sharing and I am the PERFECT Goddess that is making you talk, share and remember all of it…even if you don’t want to.

There is a reason for everything. Some things happen and even though you do not want that particular thing to excite you and you want to fight the urge of arousal and excitement, I WILL NOT LET YOU…
I will make you face it, edge to it and even orgasm…
Even though it will just between the two of us, you will feel the shame and embarrassment but you will feel your cock leaking…Swollen and hard while I tease and taunt you…

Want to try it?

Send me an email via NF. Copy and Paste into a NF email. Answer all the questions below as detailed as possible and lets see how your PERSONAL HUMILIATION turns out…

Will you cum as we walk through your most embarrassing moment or will you pussy out and ask me to stop….


Who was involved in your humiliating/shameful experience?
What details are most important in your humiliating/shameful experience?
When did this humiliating/shameful experience take place?
Where did this humiliating/shameful experience take place?
Why did you allow this humiliating/shameful experience take place?


Cock Control – Taking Possession of your Member!

golden-keyCock Control Is Mine Now…And Your Balls Too

That cock belongs to me!
When you first contacted me and confessed how your cock had taken control of your life, I had a simple solution. If you couldn’t control your cock, let a Cock Control Goddess like me do it for you. When we discussed it, I don’t think you really understood what that meant, did you? Let me spell it out for you. I own them now. That is MY cock and those are MY balls, and I’ll decide what gets done with them!

Take Good Care Of My Cock And Balls

Your only job, your only mission from here on out is to take good care of MY cock and balls. If I tell you not to touch them for a week, then you won’t touch them. If I give you guided masturbation instructions, you will follow them to the letter, stroking how I tell you, at what part of your dick or balls I tell you to, and at the speed or strength I tell you to. If I decide the best thing to do is to lock MY cock in a chastity cage, then you’ll do it.

11850002_1488653311446282_1808307739_nCock Control Is A Turn On

For your Masturbatrix, it’s a turn on because I get to control your pleasure. In order to get that pleasure, I know that you will do anything to please your Goddess. My needs and desires come first, as it should be. I know it’s a turn-on for you too. All I have to do is ask you, “are you taking good care of MY cock and balls, pet? I hope so, you never know when I might want to take them out and play with them.” And that is more than enough to keep you hard and horny!

Goddess Lanie

Time to Please Your Goddess!

I am a woman who is intelligent, creative, seductive and has a bit of an edge. I am the woman in your dreams, who whispers in your ear at night and makes your deepest fantasies come true. I am open-minded, and a good listener because the more I know of your intimate details, the more I can weave the details to make your fantasy feel real. I will shroud you with my dominance, and cover you in the depths of your own desires.


I am into finding out what makes you tick as a submissive, and pushing those buttons to make it more exciting for the both of us. I want to hear what you are into, so I can use it to dominate you. I liken it to psychological profiling.

It’s not just about whips and chains. It’s about knowing you on a deeper level and making it where we can escape into our own universe where I control you, and you please me.

Sensing The Ignorance In (men)…and dealing with it!!

001d3Waking up with my beautiful Goddess attitude sometimes comes natural but there are other times that I wake up and I can sense the ignorance around me and most of that ignorance is coming from a man. Perhaps not right in my living room, but around. On the phone, a text message an email…
So what exactly is a Goddess to do when she is completely irritated with the (M)Gender?

Cause pain and deny orgasms…!!!

If you do not know this already you should take a little advice from me. Stop fucking up. You know you are fucking up. You can not help it but you can improve it. Do yourself a favor and take a great big look at what is right in front of you and use your fucking brain a little. Do not let being stupid become a natural thing…

It is SIMPLE to me, but I am a woman.

If you feel like you have been messing up a little and need to confess and take your punishment then tonight would be a great nice to talk to me! It takes ONE thing to put me into CBT/humiliation mode and the day goes on the mood increases!

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Shout Out To Small Penis Self-Awareness(SPH#1)

GoddessLanieCOntrolsShout Out To Small Penis Self-Awareness

I must stop and take a moment to applaud those owners of microscopic wee wees who are all too well aware of their size issue.

While one would have to be utterly oblivious in order to be unaware of their puny pecker plight, it seems there are some who have become so lost in wishful thinking that they actually have no idea that their little spunk-spouting snake is nothing to write home about. In fact, some even believe that bouncing nub in their pants is actually some masturbatory monolith about which every Woman on Earth must be dreaming.

This magical thinking is unacceptable, wrong, and in dire need of a healthy wake-up call via some small penis humiliation


All about CBT And WHY Goddess Lanie Enjoys it!

CBTMONSo it’s very possible you are reading this and you are thinking one of a few things. Well if you continue to read you will know all about CBT and WHY I like and why you will learn to love it…

1. What is CBT? CBT is just short for Cock and Ball Torture. Pretty self explanatory I would say but for some, it isn’t. Cock and Ball Torture is where pain is inflicted by either yourself or someone else. Smacking, kicking, pulling squeezing, whipping, punching, using hot creams, q-tips, rope, rubber bands, repetitive smacking, hitting, kicking, punching, hitting your cock and balls with hard objects, wooden spoons, rulers, spatulas, wearing weights that are connected to your tied and/ bound cock and balls. If you do not get it now, you are not going to.

2. Why would you be into CBT? You could be into CBT for many different reasons, but whatever the reason is for you, it is your reason. Your reason could be for humiliation, it could be for punishment, it could be just because you enjoy pain.

3. Why does Goddess Lanie enjoy participating in your Cock and Ball Torture? Well, I enjoy instructing and encouraging you to punish and humiliate yourself. It amuses me when you squeal. It amuses me when you are in pain but in the pathetic state of mind that when I laugh at you, you want to hurt yourself more. I enjoy it when I can hurt you by making you hurt yourself. It is painful for you, but I do not just like it to be physically painful for you, I want you to feel humiliated and degraded for my amusement.

Mondays- January 12, 19 and 26th are CBT Mondays. I will be available for calls and I will be sending out the SPECIAL CBT Audios at Midnight on Mondays so that you can enjoy CBT Mondays with me!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!! New Year…New Ideas!!

As your Goddess, it is my job to make sure you have what you need to properly worship me and I have been doing a lot of thinking and the Goddess Lanies Creative Juices have been flowing!

You are not going to want to miss out on what I will be offering to you. Consider it an offering that will make you want to beg to worship your Goddess

Since we are celebrating the beginning of a new year we are going to start with January’s Weekly Audios! 

There will be 5 audios a week–Monday-Friday and each audio will be $5.00. The price is reasonable and the length of each audio will vary but will be OVER 5 minutes and each audio will be NEW!!

Happy 2015!!


The End Of 2014 Has Come!!

The end of 2014 is coming. In just a few nights we will be ending a great year and entering into an even better year, 2015!

11As your Goddess, I must say that I have really had a lot of fun this past year. I have discovered new things about myself that I didn’t even know I had in me. I have learned to love and experiment more with certain things and if you think it couldn’t get any better, please correct yourself and know that your Goddess has a lot of new and exciting plans for you!

So get ready for 2015 with your Goddess. New Year, new rules, new fantasies, new experiments…

Call me and you will see what I have in store for you!

XO Goddess Lanie