Cock Control – Taking Possession of your Member!

golden-keyCock Control Is Mine Now…And Your Balls Too

That cock belongs to me!
When you first contacted me and confessed how your cock had taken control of your life, I had a simple solution. If you couldn’t control your cock, let a Cock Control Goddess like me do it for you. When we discussed it, I don’t think you really understood what that meant, did you? Let me spell it out for you. I own them now. That is MY cock and those are MY balls, and I’ll decide what gets done with them!

Take Good Care Of My Cock And Balls

Your only job, your only mission from here on out is to take good care of MY cock and balls. If I tell you not to touch them for a week, then you won’t touch them. If I give you guided masturbation instructions, you will follow them to the letter, stroking how I tell you, at what part of your dick or balls I tell you to, and at the speed or strength I tell you to. If I decide the best thing to do is to lock MY cock in a chastity cage, then you’ll do it.

11850002_1488653311446282_1808307739_nCock Control Is A Turn On

For your Masturbatrix, it’s a turn on because I get to control your pleasure. In order to get that pleasure, I know that you will do anything to please your Goddess. My needs and desires come first, as it should be. I know it’s a turn-on for you too. All I have to do is ask you, “are you taking good care of MY cock and balls, pet? I hope so, you never know when I might want to take them out and play with them.” And that is more than enough to keep you hard and horny!

Goddess Lanie

Is Chastity and Cock and Orgasm Control for you??

GoddessControl can be the ultimate aphrodisiac. It’s intoxicating when wielded by someone who knows exactly what makes you tick. I love male chastity for this reason. Locking up your cock is a way in which I can control you. Once you submit your sexuality to Me you’ll find a change in your emotions and focus. Your attention will be on Me and what I want which is exactly where it’s supposed to be.
Remember those maddening experiences when all you can think about was your object of affection? They were both painful and pleasurable weren’t they? Chastity has the potential to suspend you in that lovely sometimes euphoric state of focused attention. This is why I love it so much. I know that by controlling your orgasms I can get you to do whatever I wish and you’ll be grateful for it. Why grateful you ask? Well I believe you desire female authority and control otherwise you wouldn’t be here, would you?
golden-keyThe idea of handing over control of the very essence of what it is to be male is more erotic than you can handle. You both long for it and fear it. Isn’t that the way with all desire? Why not succumb to your desire for My control? Imagine being locked away for a few weeks and the delicious feeling of being released knowing that you pleased your Goddess. I’ll enjoy the erotic energy being cultivated in your submission to Me and finally allowing you that amazing respite from constant sexual frustration and teasing. Let’s see how strong you can be to hand over the keys to your cock and belong to Me.