No More “Girls Night Out” Cuckold

GoddessLanieCOntrolsCouldn’t you see this coming, cuckie?

I think you had an idea you were going be her cuckold, didn’t you? Every time your hot wife had a “girls night out,” she came home exhausted, and not in the mood for your advances. She’d come home late and just crawl into bed and fall asleep almost before her head hit the pillow. So, you gave her an ultimatum…no more “girls night out.”

You’re A Cuckold, So It’s Girls Night In

So, she called your bluff, and told you that from now on, she’d just have girls night in. When that first one came along, you were perfectly happy to help her clean up the house, make some sandwiches, put some wine in the fridge, all ready for that girls night in. You helped your hot wife dress up in a short mini-skirt and a revealing blouse. You were thinking it would be fun – you get your voyeur fix, since so many of her girlfriends were hot and sexy…and if they showed up dressed like her, you’d be in for quite a show! Then the doorbell started ringing, and guys started walking in. Where were the girls?

It Was A Girl’s Night In

You were confused when they started giving her deep French kisses and feeling her up, until she explained, she never went with her girlfriends…it was a Girl’s Night Out – and she was the girl, and these were all the guys she’d been fucking! She knew all about your cuckold fantasies, and she was so happy you wanted to be a part of them! Before you knew it, she was naked, and you were on your knees, fluffing every cock before she took over!

When the night was over, she told you next week it was going to be an actual girls night in…and you were going to serve all her friends as a sissy maid! Oh My!

So many ways to cuckold, whats your story?

Goddess Lanie Tease!


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 I am always trying to think of ways to tease you and ultimately put you in the perfect Goddess Lanie Trance. Making you want to know what it would be like to see my body, touch my body and worship my body. What it would be like for you to beg for the chance to put your face between my legs and please me. To have your lips touch my ass for just one second.

 Well, Here is a naughty little tease for you. I give you permission to use your imagination!


Goddess Lanie


Want to spoil your Goddess?

PicMonkey Sample

Do you want to do something nice for me for Christmas? I think you do! I think you know I have been super good all year and even though you totally worship and adore me, I think you know that I deserve something nice! So, I have made it easy for you! I have made my own “GODDESS LANIE CHRISTMAS LIST” and since I know you want to spoil me, I am going to let you! I give you permission!