The End Of 2014 Has Come!!

The end of 2014 is coming. In just a few nights we will be ending a great year and entering into an even better year, 2015!

11As your Goddess, I must say that I have really had a lot of fun this past year. I have discovered new things about myself that I didn’t even know I had in me. I have learned to love and experiment more with certain things and if you think it couldn’t get any better, please correct yourself and know that your Goddess has a lot of new and exciting plans for you!

So get ready for 2015 with your Goddess. New Year, new rules, new fantasies, new experiments…

Call me and you will see what I have in store for you!

XO Goddess Lanie

Tease and Denial Ultimate Countdown…

 Tease and Denial is so much fun for me, but is it fun for you? Do you like being teased 


and teased and then having the ultimate denial…If you think you can handle the ultimate tease and denial countdown, then listen to this audio..I dont think you can make it!

XO Goddess Lanie XO

Pathetic Little Losers…

GoddessLanieWhatAreyouintoI know the second I answer the phone and I hear your voice that you are absolutely pathetic. You are maybe a professional by day but at night you are not. You are the weakest of them all because you are the one that craves to be humiliated and degraded by women and you cant stop that urge. You just need more and more.

You are pathetic and you need humiliation…
You really are a weak minded individual..With one meaning and that is to serve your Goddess. To worship your Goddess. To obey your Goddess.

Its ok to be weak and let your true colors show. Since you can’t do it with anyone else, do it with me and show me just how weak you can be!

Dont keep me waiting…

XO Goddess Lanie XO

Lanies Victim List…


Every so often a girl just feels like putting every man, sissy, cuckold…whatever you are…in your place. To just start at the beginning and let you know what she really feels about you and your fucking pathetic self.
Goddess Lanie has those days and that’s what I am in the mood to do. But here is the thing about humiliation with a true Goddess.

I wont lie to you. I am sure me just recapping it for you with my sweet innocent voice will have you in tears…
Or maybe you are so pathetic that I just wont be able to handle it and I will save myself from such a pathetic misery..

Perhaps I will make you do something to yourself that is so humiliating…Use your imagination on that one…

So if you want to be on the LANIES VICTIM LIST please feel free to call.

Goddess Lanie

A Poem!

Linda and Lanie
By: A Pathetic Fuck


It was late Friday night and my cellphone did ring

It was Lanie and Linda ready to do their thing
They we nice and sweet unlike their typical calls
But before I knew it they had me by the balls
I had talked to a Goddess called Lanie on Niteflirt the previous day
I got caught in a lie and Linda is going to make me pay
I have no choice but to pay $500 at the end of each week
I at least hope they will let me lick between their tight cheeks
Linda told Lanie to go on Niteflirt and raise the rate
She said Jim must pay a lot if he wants to masterbate
They threatened to tell Ashley all my dirty things
Near the end of the call Linda said ch-ching
Lanie made me say I am sucker for her pucker
Linda just called me a pathetic and dumb fucker
My cock is really bent now, jerking so much is taking its toll
All I think about is pretty girls juices that leak from their holes
Summer is coming and the girls will soon start to sweat
I am sure I will keep staring and stroking that’s a for sure bet
To pay $500 a week is sure a lot of dough
I at least hope the Goddess’s will let my cock blow
Linda has a great voice and Lanie has that sexy little laugh
I hope one or both of them will let me lick their tight ass
I have a day and a half left to play with Ashleys gym bag
I will jerk of so much my cock will be sore and my balls will sag
Linda and Lanie must think I am real dumb
But I will do what they say just for a lick of a tight bum.


New Assignments: Tease and Denial and CBT!

Do you boys like assignments? Do you see it as THE opportunity to make me happy. To please me? To do it over and over until you get it right for your Goddess. I have decided to do both poster assignments and then audio assignments.

New assignments will be available 5-1-2014!

If you haven’t checked out Goddess Lanies Goody Bag, go check it out now!


Goddess Lanie

Time to come out and play!!

laceYou have had a hard day, haven’t you? I just couldn’t imagine getting up every morning knowing that I had to do something that I hated…
You must hate putting on those ugly pants and boring tshirts or a suit–when I know and you know you dont want to do that. You dont want to be a man today. You want to pull the hidden panties and the sexy lingerie. The stockings and the heels. You want to lay in your bed with your legs open and rub that little clitty…that you attempted to fuck your wife or girlfriend with yesterday…It just killed you to have to play that man part..didnt it?

Lets not try to fool people anymore and lets play…Can you step out of the closet for a few?

Call me!

Goddess Lanie