Time to come out and play!!

laceYou have had a hard day, haven’t you? I just couldn’t imagine getting up every morning knowing that I had to do something that I hated…
You must hate putting on those ugly pants and boring tshirts or a suit–when I know and you know you dont want to do that. You dont want to be a man today. You want to pull the hidden panties and the sexy lingerie. The stockings and the heels. You want to lay in your bed with your legs open and rub that little clitty…that you attempted to fuck your wife or girlfriend with yesterday…It just killed you to have to play that man part..didnt it?

Lets not try to fool people anymore and lets play…Can you step out of the closet for a few?

Call me!

Goddess Lanie

The Definition Of…YOU

GoddessLanieIt is Sunday evening and I am alone and thinking about the one that craves a sweet yet feisty Goddess. One that craves humiliation, complete cock control, to be put in his place and kept there. You crave all of this for one reason. You crave this because you are lacking the control that a TRUE GODDESS can have over you.

Is that you?

I want you to give in, know that you are for MY use. For MY pleasure. Your goal is to make sure that I am happy at all times. To worship me, adore me, admire me, obey me and CUM ONLY FOR ME!

Goddess Lanie


A Weekend With Goddess Lanie

23This is going to be the weekend where you are going to be in need of you Goddess. My voice, My control, My ability to make you just go crazy from the inside out because you know each time we speak, I take you a little bit further then I did the last time!

Don’t keep me waiting!…

Goddess Lanie

Goddess Lanie Can RUIN you…

Losers like you shouldn’t be allowed to have wives or girlfriends or any woman in your life except me, your supreme Goddess! Losers should belong to a bitchy (yes I said Bitchy..) humiliatrix who will own you, control you and humiliate you to the max for being such worthless and woeful wastes of space. When you call me, you will experience the ultimate erotic humiliation, down to the very inner core of your pathetic being. I will completely ruin you and crush your ego with mere words! I will take you down with brutal, unrelenting 


verbal beat-downs for not being an Alpha male, but a total loser! You will immediately realize your place in my world of female superiority. You will get down on your knees and beg me for even more bossy verbal bombardment during your reality check. You will address me as your superior, you will call me Goddess Lanie And I will make the rules. You will obey them or be punished!

You being the weak minded individual that you are, makes it so easy for me to completely take over your pitiful life and ruin you. If complete humiliation, degradation and ruination are your fantasies, then it’s time to call me to experience them to the extreme and take them into realities.
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Weekend Addiction


You have an addiction. You have a weakness. You have a need, want and desire to totally worship your Goddess. You need me, you need my humiliation, my feminization, my domination, my voice, my beauty, you need all of it. I know what you do, it is not a secret now, you sit and you think about your Goddess and how you KNOW that I will get into your head making you want more and more. You are an addict…A Goddess Lanie Addict!

This weekend is going to be fun and it starts today. I want you to call me, tell me all about what it is you are into and lets start the addiction process!

Goddess Lanie

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Cuckolding The Goddess Lanie Way

GoddessLanieCOntrolsI enjoy the thought of cuckolding someone that I would never be with. To me, I think it is hot to make you clean my pussy right after I have been fucked by, I don’t know…Your boss, your best friend, or even a complete stranger! How hot is it to know that I wont fuck you but I will fuck a complete stranger and make you watch and then sit on your face and if you want to taste my pussy at all, ever, you will be cleaning his cum from my sweet pussy!

It is extremely hot and I know you just got an instant hard on thinking about being humiliated and cuckolded!

Goddess Lanie

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