Summer Tease and Denial and Extreme Edging~ How long can you go?

If you have never had a tease and denial or extreme edging session with me then I am not sure that you have truly experienced what I am all about…

I feel that it takes a special woman with a lot of patience to put a man through his paces with his cock. To encourage, to push, to deny the pleasure to keep the ultimate pleasure going. Would you like to experience the full experience of jerking your cock with a TRUE Goddess? TO feel everything? TO feel that sexual energy rushing through your body as you are begging, begging, begging to orgasm, to cum, to release the load…TO let go of all that pent up sexual energy? TO be right on the edge of your orgasm, feeling weak and exhausted but knowing that I will just say no?

I am sure that there are more than a few I have teased to the point of tears….
I am sure that I have denied to the point of insanity….
IT IS OK to hear the word NO..
To want really, really really fucking bad…
To be denied because you just simply have not done enough to deserve that pleasure…
Beg more…Stroke more…Edge more…
EARN THAT ORGASM by stroking and begging through those tears of exhaustion and desperation…

The more you beg, the more you edge, the more I laugh at your…desperate measures…the closer you will be to hearing me say yes.

It will be long. It will be intense. I will laugh and deny but you will stroke through the sweat and tears and humiliation once you give me the power to deny your cock of the orgasm you do not deserve quite yet.

I am laughing as I am writing this knowing just how intense this is going to be, especially if you have never experienced a true tease and denial/edging session. Don’t worry, if you fail and you leak that quick squirt, you are only hurting yourself and embarrassing yourself. You will be more humiliated when you fail and feel less pleasure than you will if you pass the orgasm denial test and find out truly how long you can really last.

I am ready, are you?

You ask “WHY” I Ruin Orgasms…

lanie_8_Why do I ruin orgasms?

When you hand over control of your cock to a Mistress, you’ve given her to power to decide when and how you cum. Sometimes I ruin orgasm to keep you sexually needy and horny, so that we can play more. Sometimes I do it because I know as soon as you’ve had that full release you’ll go back to being that self-centered jerk you were. Sometimes I do it to teach you a lesson. Mostly, I just do it because I can.

Questioning your Goddess is NEVER a good thing for you or your orgasms. I have my reasons and if you do not know WHY I would do it to YOU…Call me and lets find out. I will be sure to tell you after I ruin your orgasm completely…leaving you begging and pleading and not hearing anything but the word NO NO NO NO NO…
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I Ruin Orgasms…Can you handle it?

photomania-5370b874661bff03a39c2bf984700be9There you are, stroking your cock….

Your hand pistons up and down that shaft, driving you closer and closer to a mind shattering orgasm. You can feel all that cum building up in your balls, wanting to burst forth, race up the shaft and shoot out. And just as that wonderful feeling of release starts, I tell you to stop jerking off and take your hand away. Your pitiful whines are music to my ears as the jizz just drips out and your orgasm is ruined.

That’s what I like. Can you handle it? Let’s see!
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Chronic Masturbation Therapy Sessions (2)

GoddessLanieCOntrolsCan you stop the constant masturbation?

If just reading that statement made you want to ball up your fists and cry, then you, my dear, need help. Luckily for you, I make a fantastic fantasy therapist. Let me guide you deeper into your issues so that we can untangle them and sort them out together. You do want to be a better man, don’t you? I’m sure all of that jerking off is wreaking major havoc with your stamina, and therefore making you a major disappointment with the ladies. You do want to be a better man, don’t you? Orgasm edging training could be just what you need.

Now is not the time to be in denial that you could very well be a complete disappointment. Is that what you want?
I didn’t think so!
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Is it humiliating to crave cock for your Goddess?

001Is it humiliating to crave cock for your Goddess?

Perhaps you answered no. (you know who you are!)

However, I have a slut slave who told ME right up front one of his hard limits was forced bi–meaning, I couldn’t ask him to suck cock. Of course, I agreed. No problem!! I always respect hard limits, and honestly, that’s not too much to ask.

The only problem was, after a few months of panty wearing and complete orgasm denial, he began begging ME to suck cock!!!!


Oh this was so delicious! Denying his orgasm has driven him so crazy that he didn’t know which end was up (so getting on his knees seemed like the best thing to do!)

So what’s a Goddess to do? Slut Slave draws a hard limit, Goddess promises to respect it, then slut slave began begging his Goddess to forget about that hard limit. Well, I of course told him I wouldn’t allow him to have cock, for his own good. I really don’t want him to regret being MY property. But of course, I made sure to shame him unmercifully because he’s now craving cock for ME!

And yes, he is completely humiliated. Why would a straight man want to suck cock? He certainly never planned to do this–he’s a man’s man and never once thought about going bisexual–but now he’s starting to beg for it.

Frankly, I don’t really care why this kind of thing happens, I’m just glad it does!

The only thing standing between MY panty boy’s mouth and a big juicy dick is ME!

And of course I would never ever ever influence a man to suck cock, Right? HA..

What about you? Why don’t WE/we give this a try? I’m sure you’d be completely safe in my hands; nothing would ever happen to you!
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Coming Up This Week…

001jjThis week there are several things that I am going to be covering!!
The first thing is obviously going to be Tease/Denial and Ruined Orgasms. I have a passion for teasing and denying and my newest favorite, ruined orgasms. There is just something about getting a man to the edge and then pushing it a little further than I should and then right with you think you are going to cum, you do but its over before it begins…It’s a new forming art of mine…

The second thing this week that I am sure my good sissy girls are going to enjoy is a series of feminization/sissy training assignments and audios. These audios are short and sweet but perfect for new and experienced sissies. I will be posting these new audio assignments on this blog, in the goody bag section AND I will be sending them out in a PTV! You will have three ways to gain access to these awesome NEW feminization audio assignments.

The last thing coming this week is the Goddess Lanie Birthday Section! My birthday comes once a year and though you should be worshiping and spoiling your perfect Goddess regularly, I will be making it a little bit easier for you. My plans for my birthday are still up in the air BUT I have narrowed it down to two special ideas. A trip to DC for the weekend OR A trip to Austin for the weekend. Which do I want the most? BOTH and I will be giving you the option to make that happen! This birthday marks a special time and changes in my life so making it the best is the ONLY option!

Come daily to keep updated on the PERFECT GODDESS Goodies, Assignments, and IMPORTANT INFORMATION about what I am doing/offering. DO not be the one that missed out…

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Ruined Orgasms Are Another Form Of Orgasm Denial-The Conclusion

0012There is a fairly large group of men who are turned on by orgasm control and outright orgasm denial. Remember, denial does not necessarily just mean male chastity. Denial can encompass many things, including ruined orgasms.

For these types of men, it can be very liberating to give up the ability to determine whether or not they are allowed to cum. In addition to being liberating, it can also be very exciting and possibly humiliating!

Some men even enjoy a kind of tease and denial Russian roulette in which their Goddess edge them repeatedly. The whole time, they’re left wondering whether or not they’re going to be allowed to cum this time or not. These men know that they can’t count on being allowed an orgasm. They can’t even relax and expect an orgasm, even after they’ve been given permission to have one, since what Goddess giveth, Goddess can also taketh away at the very last minute! Both the Goddess and the submissive enjoy ruined orgasms in this context.

As you can see, there are many reasons that a Masturbatrix Goddess might choose to ruin her submissive’s orgasms. It’s not all about cruelty or caprice, though that may very well factor into it in some cases. Many times, their submissive even want them to be their ruinators..

Other Reasons for being Orgasm Ruinator! Continued…

0012Another reason that a Goddess might choose to ruin her submissive’s orgasms is to reinforce her dominance over him. If a man willingly submits to cock control, then he must be ready to do whatever his Goddess wants him to do. Most of the time, he’s eager to please her, but sometimes, he may forget his place. This is only human, of course, but as a Goddess I may decide he needs to be reminded who is really pulling the strings in the relationship. Ruined orgasms are an excellent way for a Goddess to put a sub back in his place where he belongs.

An extension of would be that as a Goddess, I wish to humiliate a man by ruining his orgasm. Ruined orgasms are not inherently humiliating (just frustrating!), but if a Goddess wishes to make it humiliating for the sub in question, it’s certainly possible to do so. It can be awfully humiliating for a man to be reminded that his orgasms no longer belong to him, for one thing. Ruined orgasms may also be used as a part of small penis humiliation, We all know that when the Goddess is telling her submissive that his tiny penis does not to deserve its release…It can be humiliating and humbling

The other possibility, of course, is that the submissive is excited by the prospect of having his orgasms ruined by his Goddess! It works out for both of us now doesn’t it?

Why Ruined Orgasms? Introduction

photomania-5370b874661bff03a39c2bf984700be9Have you ever wondered why a Goddess might choose ruined orgasms for her slave? I mean, really, why would a Goddess do such a thing? Wouldn’t it make more sense to either let him cum or just deny him altogether? What exactly is the point of building his hopes up in such a manner and then pulling the rug out from underneath his feet? What kind of mean Goddess does something like that, anyway?

The answer is a bit more complex than you’d think. Yes, ultimately, it does boil down to the fact that a Goddess chooses ruining her slave’s orgasm(s) because she enjoys it, but why does she enjoy it? Over the next few days that’s what we will be looking at…

Why would a Goddess like to cause a ruined orgasm ? The first reason is fairly simple: I like it because I am somewhat sadistic a way..A good way… A sadistic Goddess gets a kick out of letting a man believe he’s going to be allowed to cum, then suddenly tearing the privilege away at the very last second. The physical pain of the ruined orgasm is amusing to ME, as is the “Goddess, that wasn’t fair!” mental anguish the slave experiences
Those words excite me. The need in your voice excites me, the desperation excites me…

I may have another reason altogether for wishing to do so…or I may have another reason in addition to my sadism! Why don’t we explore some of the other possibilities as well?…
Tease/Denial/Ruined Orgasm
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