You’ve Never Been A Real Man, Sissy!

You’re just a sissy!

Wasn’t that small, pathetic little sissy clit your clue? The fact that every time you dropped your pants, the ladies pointed and laughed as they asked, “it gets bigger, doesn’t it?” or, if they actually allowed you inside, they asked, “are you in yet?” The fact that you had these powerful fantasies about sucking cock? Didn’t all of that tell you that you were never really a man?


But You’re Not Quite A Woman

We may call that tiny pindick a clit, but it’s not really, now is it? And, despite those bra forms you wear, you really don’t have any tits either, do you? The gay fantasies, the inability to sexually satisfy a woman the way real men do. These elements are all part of what makes you a sissy…and not quite a woman. So now, do you want to know what really makes you that sort of girlie girl? The sort that really isn’t man nor real woman…

The Perfect Sex Toy Sissy

You are the perfect sex toy – for a real man! Submissive, willing to do anything he asks. But most of all, it’s the fact that you’re there only to please him! You’ll suck his cock for hours, you’ll get down on all fours and spread your legs so he has access to your sissy hole – and he never, ever has to worry about getting you off! He can pull out, and you’ll stroke his cock and let him cover you in his jizz…and then thank him and even ask him for more! You are a perfect, slutty, sissy sex toy….that’s what you are!

Its time to get Prissy, Sissy…

hot sexy lips kYou Can’t Wait To Get Home, Can You Sissy?

Nothing feels better than being dressed, does it sissy?
I know, it must be so terrible sissy, having to wear those male clothes all day long. Business men having to get dressed up in suits, construction workers in jeans and a tee shirt. Having to put on those wingtips or those work boots. Even those panties you’re wearing every day just aren’t cutting it anymore. Well, your home now my prissy pet. Time to slip into something more comfortable….something more you!


The Sissy Closet

It’s so nice to get home, rush to your bedroom and throw open that feminine closet door or that chest of drawers. You gaze in there at the panties and the bras, the dresses and skirts. So lacy and silky and oh, so beautiful. Why don’t you pick out a matching set – bra and panties – to start? Grab a pair of thigh highs, too! What will it be tonight? Elegant or slutty? Do you pick out the evening gown, or a micro-mini and the halter top? And the shoes! Platformed heeled Mary Janes, the patent leather stilettos, maybe even the ankle booties. So much to choose from, right? But I know whatever you grab, you’ll be a pretty sissy for me – as usual!


A Relaxing Bath

Grab your outfit for the night, then run a nice, warm relaxing bubble bath. Just sink into it, and forget all about your manly problems, and just think sissy thoughts. Thoughts about turning men’s head, about feeling their hands running down your back to your shapely ass, about getting down on your knees and taking their cocks into your mouth. And if you’re just not into guys… I want you to still have those thoughts… just replace the man in each with your Goddess, with her strap-on attached! Now aren’t you glad to be home and in your gurlie space?

Now that you are all ready, give me a call and share your prissy sissy time with me!
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Embrace Your Femininity! Part 1

011So many times I hear ” I am dressed up in women’s clothes but I am not Gay” The thing is, just because you feel the need to feel sexy, feminine, and delicate does not mean that you are “gay” If you put the panties on and still have no desire to be with the same sex, you are not gay. AND if you do, it is not because of the panties, bra or other feminine items.

Stop overthinking everything and having the WHAT IF in your brain. There is no time for WHAT IF’s. Basically what you need to do is submit to your desires, bring those desires to your Goddess and submit to your Goddess. DO not question everything. Do not think about what others will think about you, do not worry if you will have a title over your head, JUST DO IT. EMBRACE IT! If its Femininity, embrace it completely!

XO Goddess Lanie XO
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Goddess Lanie Controls YOU!

011My goal is to control your balls, control your cock, control your body, control your mind. My goal is to make you crave me. Which you will, if not already…

Get your cock out and start stroking it. Look at that picture of me, look into my eyes. Do you know what my eyes are saying to you now? They’re saying you need to beg me for the privilege to cum, and don’t assume I will allow it. Orgasm denial is good for a man; it teaches him discipline and gratitude.
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Is it humiliating to crave cock for your Goddess?

001Is it humiliating to crave cock for your Goddess?

Perhaps you answered no. (you know who you are!)

However, I have a slut slave who told ME right up front one of his hard limits was forced bi–meaning, I couldn’t ask him to suck cock. Of course, I agreed. No problem!! I always respect hard limits, and honestly, that’s not too much to ask.

The only problem was, after a few months of panty wearing and complete orgasm denial, he began begging ME to suck cock!!!!


Oh this was so delicious! Denying his orgasm has driven him so crazy that he didn’t know which end was up (so getting on his knees seemed like the best thing to do!)

So what’s a Goddess to do? Slut Slave draws a hard limit, Goddess promises to respect it, then slut slave began begging his Goddess to forget about that hard limit. Well, I of course told him I wouldn’t allow him to have cock, for his own good. I really don’t want him to regret being MY property. But of course, I made sure to shame him unmercifully because he’s now craving cock for ME!

And yes, he is completely humiliated. Why would a straight man want to suck cock? He certainly never planned to do this–he’s a man’s man and never once thought about going bisexual–but now he’s starting to beg for it.

Frankly, I don’t really care why this kind of thing happens, I’m just glad it does!

The only thing standing between MY panty boy’s mouth and a big juicy dick is ME!

And of course I would never ever ever influence a man to suck cock, Right? HA..

What about you? Why don’t WE/we give this a try? I’m sure you’d be completely safe in my hands; nothing would ever happen to you!
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The Teasing Problem – For You!!

Teasing Problem – For You!!

The problem is, the more I tease you, the more I want to keep teasing you. Think about that. The longer I tease you, the longer your denial. Oh, and your begging? It’s sweet music to my ears. I love listening to you beg.

On the rare occasion I just can’t listen to it anymore, I can just shove a pair of panties in your mouth and gag you. That way I can keep stroking your throbbing, dripping cock.

Oh, did I also tell you how much I love feeling your cock throb as it edges, how wet it gets me to use your own pre-cum as a lubricant? If you let me tease you for longer(you never really have a choice) than a week, it just might become a self-perpetuating cycle and I may never let you cum again!
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How Long Can you Endure Cockteasing?

How Long Can you Endure Cockteasing?

I am a Cocktease through and through, and I love to just tease and deny your cock when you’re jerking it for me. But what do I like the best about cockteasing? I love (and that IS an understatement!) the teasing, and I can’t keep teasing you if you cum, now can I? That’s why I actually think I like denial even more. If I deny you, I can keep teasing you. And teasing you makes me horny…Why? because I know if I can keep you focused perhaps there could be something in it for me besides the pleasure I get from hearing you beg and plead…

Self Control, Baby! If you have any intentions on pleasing a woman, you will know that you would need to willing and ready to do what she wants…when she wants and sometimes that requires you to sacrifice that FEELING you are having…for her needs, wants and desires…
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Small Penis Humiliation and Your Dick Deficiency(SPH #2)

GoddessLanieDrop the Diminutive Dicklet Denial

Okay. Let’s get one thing straight: Your “almost five inches of average girth” or “solid six inches, but thin” trouser tadpole is nothing that warrants bragging – or even worth mentioning, as far as anything of a sexual nature is concerned.

Don’t even try to tell me that you know what you’re doing, and you’re a big hit with the women. WHO do you think you’re kidding? You may have received a big hit FROM a woman (as you might from this Goddess!) when you pulled that wee little Willie out and offended her with your most unimpressive joke-of-a-Johnson, but we both know better than to think any woman who has seen that penile replica would ever look at it twice.

Time for a humiliating truth: Regardless of what you think you’re sporting in your khakis there, it is pathetic, sad, worthless, and laughable. Yes. YOU have a small dick!
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Sensual Domination With Goddess Lanie

I like to Dominate you because I enjoy having the upper hand as you are in your submissive state. I know it excites you. Especially knowing you have found your Mistress that will explore all of your submissive sensual nature. You will reveal to me all of your sexual pleasures. And you will enjoy my sexual power over your body.

So if you’re saddled with a lot of responsibility in your day-to day life, leave your identity behind and enjoy the escapism of letting your Mistress take control of all your sensual pleasures.

Having the feeling of having your Mistress take control of your orgasm will give you complete sexual gratification. While Dominating you I will have you play with your dick exclusively. But do not expect and I repeat do not get carried away with cumming because I will put in place penalties in the event of you cumming without my permission.

sensual domination, niteflirt, Goddess Phonesex, NiteFlirt Phonesex

Goddess Lanie Can RUIN you…

Losers like you shouldn’t be allowed to have wives or girlfriends or any woman in your life except me, your supreme Goddess! Losers should belong to a bitchy (yes I said Bitchy..) humiliatrix who will own you, control you and humiliate you to the max for being such worthless and woeful wastes of space. When you call me, you will experience the ultimate erotic humiliation, down to the very inner core of your pathetic being. I will completely ruin you and crush your ego with mere words! I will take you down with brutal, unrelenting 


verbal beat-downs for not being an Alpha male, but a total loser! You will immediately realize your place in my world of female superiority. You will get down on your knees and beg me for even more bossy verbal bombardment during your reality check. You will address me as your superior, you will call me Goddess Lanie And I will make the rules. You will obey them or be punished!

You being the weak minded individual that you are, makes it so easy for me to completely take over your pitiful life and ruin you. If complete humiliation, degradation and ruination are your fantasies, then it’s time to call me to experience them to the extreme and take them into realities.
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