Masturbation November with Goddess Lanie

11850002_1488653311446282_1808307739_nNovember has started and I would love to tell you about Masturbation November. This month is all about masturbating. How you masturbate, when you masturbate, who you masturbate with and to and for, what you masturbate with, lube, hand, fake pussy ect…where you masturbate and why you want to masturbate. What turns you on, your kinks and fetishes totally play a part in your masturbation but by focusing on your masturbation, all these questions will be answered.


CLICK HERE–> <– for the  5W’s of Masturbation. answering these questions will give us both a better insight to what we need to focus on and tease up a little when it comes to you masturbating with and for me!

What does it take to please your Goddess?

9758387521697d623be1.gifIt will take your obedience, subservience and devotion. I won’t settle for less than ALL of you. I expect you to bring all of you to My Superior Being … when I say all I want everything that you currently are and all that you ever hope to be. Are you enough? Do you have what it takes to please your Goddess? I will be the Judge of that.

I will evaluate you and your offerings to Me. When you please Me, you will know it. When you do not please Me …. Ahhhhh …. But, you don’t want to do that do you?

When I release you from my enchanted forest … you will have had a memorable erotic journey. I am the foreign country you have to visit. You have traveled this far, go ahead and take the next step. I can and will transport you. Do you have your passport ready? Are you ready to really please your Goddess?

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What does it mean to please your Goddess?

11939652_922132157867495_1614835505_nWhat is it to please your Mistress? The verb to please is to give pleasure or satisfaction to another. In this case you give pleasure a Dominant Woman who knows Her own sensual Power. This is what Femdom is all about … Power and the Exchange of Power (Power Exchange).

You, who might be quite capable in real life, give up your personal power to Me and I take you on an erotic journey … I take you places you want to go, but yearn to experience. I take you, sometimes, just a little too far just for the electric thrill of the unknown.

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Time to Please Your Goddess!

I am a woman who is intelligent, creative, seductive and has a bit of an edge. I am the woman in your dreams, who whispers in your ear at night and makes your deepest fantasies come true. I am open-minded, and a good listener because the more I know of your intimate details, the more I can weave the details to make your fantasy feel real. I will shroud you with my dominance, and cover you in the depths of your own desires.


I am into finding out what makes you tick as a submissive, and pushing those buttons to make it more exciting for the both of us. I want to hear what you are into, so I can use it to dominate you. I liken it to psychological profiling.

It’s not just about whips and chains. It’s about knowing you on a deeper level and making it where we can escape into our own universe where I control you, and you please me.

The Celebration Begins…

011The guidance I give, The attention I show, The training I offer, The control I have, The knowledge I share…

Show your appreciation!

A Goddess is not made over night.

It takes a lifetime to make a Goddess and here I am!

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Its time to get Prissy, Sissy…

hot sexy lips kYou Can’t Wait To Get Home, Can You Sissy?

Nothing feels better than being dressed, does it sissy?
I know, it must be so terrible sissy, having to wear those male clothes all day long. Business men having to get dressed up in suits, construction workers in jeans and a tee shirt. Having to put on those wingtips or those work boots. Even those panties you’re wearing every day just aren’t cutting it anymore. Well, your home now my prissy pet. Time to slip into something more comfortable….something more you!


The Sissy Closet

It’s so nice to get home, rush to your bedroom and throw open that feminine closet door or that chest of drawers. You gaze in there at the panties and the bras, the dresses and skirts. So lacy and silky and oh, so beautiful. Why don’t you pick out a matching set – bra and panties – to start? Grab a pair of thigh highs, too! What will it be tonight? Elegant or slutty? Do you pick out the evening gown, or a micro-mini and the halter top? And the shoes! Platformed heeled Mary Janes, the patent leather stilettos, maybe even the ankle booties. So much to choose from, right? But I know whatever you grab, you’ll be a pretty sissy for me – as usual!


A Relaxing Bath

Grab your outfit for the night, then run a nice, warm relaxing bubble bath. Just sink into it, and forget all about your manly problems, and just think sissy thoughts. Thoughts about turning men’s head, about feeling their hands running down your back to your shapely ass, about getting down on your knees and taking their cocks into your mouth. And if you’re just not into guys… I want you to still have those thoughts… just replace the man in each with your Goddess, with her strap-on attached! Now aren’t you glad to be home and in your gurlie space?

Now that you are all ready, give me a call and share your prissy sissy time with me!
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How to tell you’re a totally helpless Sissy Slut in three simple questions

011I know most of my sissies are sissy sluts. But I want to talk about the ones who are totally helpless sissy sluts – completely ruled by their desires to be a girl and their craving for cock. I recently had one of them call me, and I wanted to really get inside her head, so I asked her three questions, so I could find out just when she realized she was a totally helpless sissy slut.


When Was The Moment You Realized You Could Never Be A Man Again?
For a lot of sissy sluts, it was when they realized they were more comfortable wearing women’s clothes. But for other sluts, the realization hit when she was not only dressed in a skirt and bra – no panties, slutty already! – and on her hands and knees and that first real, live cock slid into her ass pussy! As he took her anal cherry, she realized she could never go back to normal, vanilla sex ever again!

The Moment You Realized There Was No Way Back?
This comes a few weeks later. This comes when she is up to wearing garters and thigh highs, a corset, and “fuck me” pumps. When the guy who had taken her cherry has invited a friend over. She quickly realized then that as a sissy slut, she had no way back to being a man. Especially when her boyfriend was pounding her ass and his friend was filling her mouth with his man meat! Her spitroasting made her realize even more that being a submissive sissy was her true calling!

How About The Moment You Realized You’re A “True” Sissy Slut?
Almost all sissies say that this happened right after that first spitroasting. Usually, after things were all done, she quickly made her way to the bathroom and changed back into her ugly male clothes…but not that night. That night, there she was, in the afterglow. Cum was dripping out of her slut hole, her face was covered in jizz, and she grabbed her phone and quickly took a selfie! And now, whenever she feels bad about being a sissy and wants to give up? She just looks at the picture and she knows she was meant to be a totally helpless sissy slut!

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The Best Orgasm Deserved Is…..Ruined Orgasms By Goddess Lanie!!

I know how hard it is, when all you really want to do is cum. You’ve been trying to be good, to hold back and edge as instructed so that once you are allowed a release it will be so sweet and will be pleasing to me. But, you’re weak and in the end, it is too difficult to hold back, isn’t it?


Well fear not, my little man, I have the solution. I will teach you and train you. No problem, you understand what it means to have one shallow, empty orgasm after another. Because that is what these little stolen releases are … they are dirty little wasted discharges that leave you empty and not terribly satisfied. Am I right?

So, how do we do this you ask? First, you do what you seem to love most, you stroke. That’s right, just stroke that cock for me. Keep going, we’ll get you going a little faster until you get right to the edge and I’ll slow you down, only to take you right back up to the edge. We will do this a few times, until you are begging me to let you cum and you are so sure you can’t hold out another second. And that is when I’ll take full control and rip it away from you. You will ejaculate, but there will be very little about it that you will consider orgasmic.
Maybe, you might even learn to love your orgasms this way, in a ruined fashion. Dont think I can do this? It is a very evil and dirty little thing I have developed a talent for…Come and test me…
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Male Orgasms are a Privilege to be Earned….

GoddessLanieCOntrolsI’ll elaborate. When it comes to, say, the topic of orgasms, I believe that nearly all women should be able to have one whenever they want, for the most part. It’s not an unreasonable desire, and it should never be considered absurd for them to expect their partners to help them along if they would like some assistance. 

On the other hand, orgasms for men are not a right. They’re a privilege. Male orgasms have to be earned. They’re a reward, if you will. So if you haven’t earned the privilege, then you won’t get to have one. That’s simply the way it works in my world.

But constant denial can get boring, both for you and for me. Also…consider this. Imagine that you have completed a task for me and are hoping to get your reward. But then, when I look closely at what you’ve done, I find that while you’ve technically done what I asked, you haven’t done it in a way that is satsifactory to me. What does this mean? It means that you have not earned your orgasm…But possibly a RUINED ORGASM….

What have you done to earn your orgasms to be granted by your Goddess? Click the call button to tell me what you have done to earn an orgasm!

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