Goddess Lanie Trainings

*Chastity Training*
Chastity Training with Goddess Lanie

For many men, it is imperative and important that a woman take control over the primal desire of man… their orgasm. Chastity is good for many different reasons… chronic masturbation, prolonging erection, postponing ejaculation, just to name a few. I enjoy putting men in chastity, and have a couple of different chastity programs offered for those who find they are interested in this type of training.

Chastity Training Fantasy Sessions: These are for those of you who are not able to actually wear a chastity device for whatever reason (significant other, job, etc) but want to have some playtime fun with a Mistress being kept in chastity. Fantasies and roleplays are super fun and can be done in a session-by-session basis.

Chastity Training Sessions with Device: This training is for someone who is serious about their chastity training. A program will be tailored around the type of training you are able to take on… whether it be wearing a device a few days a week or full-time. If you don’t already have a device, we will spend some time shopping online to find the best device suited for your needs. Regular sessions are a MUST for this type of program, and once you have established your dedication to your training, you will be given additional ways to check in with me for your training. This training is for those who want to step it up to the next level of ‘real’ intensity.

“Keyholding” Chastity Training: I am often asked if I do ‘keyholding’, and the simple answer is NO. It is against the rules of NF for us to actually exchange addresses for us to do this BUT there are ways for us to do this for YOUR self control. I prefer the FROZEN method which if done right, is perfect!

If you would like to begin any of my chastity training programs, contact me today!


*Coached CumEating

Don’t think that you fool me.  I know you’ve thought about it.  I know every guy has thought about it.  In fact, I know that ALL men have tried it at least once.  You know exactly what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about tasting your jizz.

Oh, that’s GROSS, you say?  Really? Well you don’t seem to think that it’s gross when you watch all those porn movies… you know the ones, where women get facials and then lick it off of their lips?  Or how about when they let the cum drip from their lips, only to slurp it right back up again?  You want to do that too.  You’re fascinated by it.  You’re even obsessed by it.  You’ve tried it once or twice, taking a little taste from your fingertips after you’ve squirted a load onto your stomach or into the palm of your hand, but maybe you thought it tasted ‘icky’, or maybe you chickened out.

Too bad!  You’ve taken that first step… you showed up here.  You put yourself in the position to have a woman like me have you eat it.  And why not?  Men expect women to be swallowers, don’t they?  I’m all for equal rights… what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander!   Besides, weren’t you taught to clean up your mess after you make it?  There’s no better way to get rid of the evidence than to lick it up with your hungry tongue.

I know you want to do it.  You know you want to do it.  You just need that extra edge to put you right where you need to be.  That’s where I come in.  All you have to do is pick up the phone!


*Sissy Training

Sissy Training with Goddess Lanie 

Being a woman is not easy, but it sure is fun!  And that’s part of the allure of being a sissy, isn’t  it?  Silky undergarments, pretty panties, makeup, ruffles and lace.  All so irresistible!  But it can be overwhelming for a new sissy to get started.. and that is where sissy training courses come in!  I will guide you step by step down your feminine path, giving as much guidance and support as possible, and even that extra nudge across your comfort zone when needed!

In order for your Sissy Training to be effective, consistency is the key. Regular sessions will begin to bring out your inner femme and she will blossom into that beautiful flower you’ve always imagined you could be!  Your first few weeks will be concentrated on preparation, shopping, grooming, etc.  About the third week into your training, you will be required to check in with me which will require you to contact me for daily/semi-daily check-ins to make sure you are following your training instruction (including panty checks!).  I look forward to making you into the best girl you can be!