Tease & Denial

photomania-5370b874661bff03a39c2bf984700be9What Does It Mean To Be Teased?

Teasing is not just an act; it is an art form. When done correctly by a woman who has her finger squarely on the hot button of what drives a man wild with sexual energy, teasing can be a mind-blowing experience of torturous tension, delicious denial, and wild abandon. It can drive your desire out of control, make your twitching cock grow harder than it’s ever been, and lead you to promise a woman the moon, the stars, and everything in between. Regardless of whether it lasts a few “strained” minutes or for a number of almost unbearable hours, one thing always holds true: Whether in person or in a steamy phone sex session, the talents of a consummate cock tease mesmerizes you and always leaves you wanting more.

There’s Teasing – and Then There’s Teasing

Sure. There are times when you’ll hear a man bemoan having been subjected to a woman who “was nothing but a tease,” leaving him high and dry – and with a case of aching blue balls. For our purposes, we’re not talking about a woman who arbitrarily gets a man all hot and bothered with no intention of relief, whether in the form of a physical release or the mental rush that comes with having his gratification delayed or denied.

No. We’re talking about that woman who is a cock tease extraordinaire, one who works a cock into a hard, head-spinning frenzy and commands every last ounce of his focus and attention. Such a woman is not just toying with the man she chooses to tease. She takes taunting a cock very seriously (whether it is in front of her, appearing on webcam or merely at the other end of the phone line). This woman has every intention of making sure a man knows all too well that she has purposely raised his penile flag to full mast and will decide what it is going to take for him to be granted that orgasm he so wants – or to deny it. It’s a perfect example of agony and ecstasy at play together.

Why Do Men Love a Cock Tease?

The true cock tease is confident, perceptive, comfortable, and well aware of what grabs -and holds- the attention of both man and cock. She knows how profoundly even the most innocuous of words can affect a man lost in the midst of arousal. She is an authority on just what to say and when. She knows the power of whispering in a man’s ear, making promises that may be certain or may be undecided… the electricity in the slightest of touch… the direct connection between a man’s mind and his quivering cock… She is a sexual enigma, and the man who happens to be in her clutches at any given moment cannot help finding himself completely captivated.

The power a cock tease holds over a man is immeasurable. The one certainty is that the impact she has over a straining cock and tight balls leaves men blissfully helpless, erotically elated, and without composure. Even if he happens to think he cannot bear such excruciating pleasure, he is unable to tell her to stop. Why is that? He simply doesn’t want the teasing seduction to end.

Phone Sex and Teasing Your Cock To the Edge

While there is obviously no physical contact involved (aside from self-stimulation) in a phone session, this absence of tactile engagement does not at all undermine the abilities of a bona fide cock tease. Under her direction -whether soft, seductive, and sensual or hot, high-handed, and hardcore- you’ll find yourself all too willing to resign yourself to being the proverbial putty in her hands. She will find you buttons and push them. She will skillfully zero in on the fine points of those fantasies that set you ablaze with lust. She will discover your triggers and manipulate them in ways that send a constant jolt of erotic electricity throughout your body, prompting your hardness to ache like never before.

You are so enraptured with her voice and directives that you are happy to obey her every order. Whether she is guiding your hand as you masturbate, forbidding you to touch yourself or having you integrate other activities into your stroking session, you can be guaranteed that your cock will be hanging on to her every word. The sensations are so divine that you become lost in them, never wanting them to stop, and you -at least temporarily- forget about the end goal of all this teasing. She takes you to that edge of orgasm over and over again. You do not want to slow down or stop, but you cannot refuse her desires.

When you place your masturbation directions in the hands of a superlative cock tease, do you want her to eventually push you into that abyss of orgasmic ecstasy, make her own call as to your ejaculatory fate or deny you a release, regardless of how much you beg and plead? Where do you want your relentless edging to lead? Whatever the outcome, you can best believe that this cock tease can take you there in ways you never dreamed possible…