Pre-Session Questionnaires

DUE TO THE LENGTH OF THIS PRE-SESSION QUESTIONNAIRE Crossdressing / Sissification / Feminization **ONLY**


Pre-Session Questionnaire: Crossdressing / Sissification / Feminization

The following is a series of questions tailored specifically to clients who are interested in feminization fantasies (sissification, crossdressing, transgender, transsexual). Please realize that there may be overlap between your fantasies and/or the answers you provide here – and some of these questions may not apply to your individual situation.

(Please note: If you are TG or TS, please contact me via e-mail for additional questions and information.)

1) Do you consider yourself:

a) a panty boy – You just like wearing panties. Maybe you enjoy stockings/hose and/or other items of women’s intimate apparel, but you confine your attire to lingerie only. While you may feel feminine when wearing panties, you do not really identify at all with femininity or Womanhood, even if you happen to feel submissive and/or subdued when wearing panties or other lingerie.

b) a crossdresser – You like to fully dress in woman’s lingerie and clothing. This may or may not include wearing make-up and/or a wig.

You either…

(1) find dressing in woman’s clothing to be sexually exciting and focused on the physical act of dressing and being dressed, but -while you may relate to certain aspects of being feminine (i.e., submissiveness)- you don’t mentally identify in any way as a woman; OR

(2) find dressing to be about more than just the ritual and simply wearing feminine attire. While you find dressing to have sexual appeal, you also find that to some degree that you realistically mentally relate to femininity in your feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and -for perhaps even- gender identity. However, you DO NOT want to live as or be a woman 24/7 in real time in either event. (In there words, you are NOT a transsexual.)

c) a sissy – You fully dress as a woman, and you are dedicated to taking notions of “traditional” femininity to very pronounced heights. Femininity to you is “big” and exaggeratedly “stereotypical” (in dress, behavior, mannerisms, speech, etc.) – depending on your personal sissy identity. For example…

Ultra-girly sissy: Ruffles, bows, petticoats, pink, pink, pink, Mary Janes, rhumba panties, acts very prissy, etc.

Sissy slut: Very provocative lingerie, ultra-short skirts, cleavage-baring tops, super high heels, dark make-up, red lipstick, acts like a slut, etc.

Sissy maid: Committed to serving (includes household, practical, entertainment, sexual duties), traditional maid’s dress, black and white accessories (i.e., stockings, heels, etc.)

d) transgender –  You cross dress to varying degrees (most often fully when you do), and you do self-identify (consistently) to some degree with feeling mentally feminine or female. You may externally and functionally live daily as a male, but -regardless of how often you have the opportunity to dress- your sense of self is not strictly male. You perceive yourself to fall along a spectrum of sensing your own gender identity as being a combination of male or female, neither or both – but NOT strictly male or female. You do not wish to become and live as an anatomical woman.

e) a transsexual – You fully dress as much as possible, and you prefer to live as a female, because you self-identify as a woman. Your gender perception IS that of strictly and only a woman, and you feel like a woman trapped in a man’s body.

2) Do you prefer…

a) a predominantly sensual, nurturing, and understanding Goddess (who may humiliate you only when necessary)

b) a harsh, severe, and hardcore Domme (who will humiliate, mock, and/or degrade you consistently)

c) an unpredictable Mistress who volleys between the two extremes and mixes it up

d) different styles from session-to-session, depending upon your mood

3) How would you like me to address you during our session? Would you like me to refer to you by your given name or a more feminine name?

4) If you would like to be addressed by a feminine name, do you have one already or would you like me to select one for you?

5) Besides your name, are there any other terms –such as “pet” names of affection, naughty names or any other terms by which you would like me to call you?

6) Do you prefer to…

a) Be completely dressed before we begin our session

b) Have me dress you during our session

c) Talk only about being dressed

7) Do you consider your style to be classic/more conservative/sophisticated or provocative/racy/slutty?

8) How experienced are you with dressing in woman’s clothing?

9) How often do you dress in woman’s clothing?

10) Do you have a favorite item –or items- of clothing?

11) Do you have/wear a wig and/or make-up?

12) Do you shave/wax or otherwise remove the hair from your intimate and/or other areas?

13) On a scale of 1 (being not at all submissive) to 10 (being completely submissive), to what degree of submission do you feel most comfortable?

14) Do you wish to be humiliated during our session? If so, please indicate the degree (mild to moderate to extreme) and levels of humiliation (i.e., public, verbal, small dick, forced bi, strap-on, exposure, etc.) you desire.

15) Will you be using toys during our session? If so, what will you have available?

16) Are there certain terms you will or will not prefer me to use in regard to your intimate areas?