No More “Girls Night Out” Cuckold

GoddessLanieCOntrolsCouldn’t you see this coming, cuckie?

I think you had an idea you were going be her cuckold, didn’t you? Every time your hot wife had a “girls night out,” she came home exhausted, and not in the mood for your advances. She’d come home late and just crawl into bed and fall asleep almost before her head hit the pillow. So, you gave her an ultimatum…no more “girls night out.”

You’re A Cuckold, So It’s Girls Night In

So, she called your bluff, and told you that from now on, she’d just have girls night in. When that first one came along, you were perfectly happy to help her clean up the house, make some sandwiches, put some wine in the fridge, all ready for that girls night in. You helped your hot wife dress up in a short mini-skirt and a revealing blouse. You were thinking it would be fun – you get your voyeur fix, since so many of her girlfriends were hot and sexy…and if they showed up dressed like her, you’d be in for quite a show! Then the doorbell started ringing, and guys started walking in. Where were the girls?

It Was A Girl’s Night In

You were confused when they started giving her deep French kisses and feeling her up, until she explained, she never went with her girlfriends…it was a Girl’s Night Out – and she was the girl, and these were all the guys she’d been fucking! She knew all about your cuckold fantasies, and she was so happy you wanted to be a part of them! Before you knew it, she was naked, and you were on your knees, fluffing every cock before she took over!

When the night was over, she told you next week it was going to be an actual girls night in…and you were going to serve all her friends as a sissy maid! Oh My!

So many ways to cuckold, whats your story?

Cock Control – Taking Possession of your Member!

golden-keyCock Control Is Mine Now…And Your Balls Too

That cock belongs to me!
When you first contacted me and confessed how your cock had taken control of your life, I had a simple solution. If you couldn’t control your cock, let a Cock Control Goddess like me do it for you. When we discussed it, I don’t think you really understood what that meant, did you? Let me spell it out for you. I own them now. That is MY cock and those are MY balls, and I’ll decide what gets done with them!

Take Good Care Of My Cock And Balls

Your only job, your only mission from here on out is to take good care of MY cock and balls. If I tell you not to touch them for a week, then you won’t touch them. If I give you guided masturbation instructions, you will follow them to the letter, stroking how I tell you, at what part of your dick or balls I tell you to, and at the speed or strength I tell you to. If I decide the best thing to do is to lock MY cock in a chastity cage, then you’ll do it.

11850002_1488653311446282_1808307739_nCock Control Is A Turn On

For your Masturbatrix, it’s a turn on because I get to control your pleasure. In order to get that pleasure, I know that you will do anything to please your Goddess. My needs and desires come first, as it should be. I know it’s a turn-on for you too. All I have to do is ask you, “are you taking good care of MY cock and balls, pet? I hope so, you never know when I might want to take them out and play with them.” And that is more than enough to keep you hard and horny!

Goddess Lanie

Goddess Lanies Humiliation…FUCK YOU LOSER!

11I have always been more of a sensual Goddess. I love telling my sissy’s that its OK to embrace their femininity, the cuckolds, letting them know that its OK to sit back and watch as their wife’s/girlfriends fuck another man, pleasure needs to happen and it can not happen if they do it…If you’re going to be a dickless loser, be the best dickless loser EVER!
Then, I get frustrated and realize that 90% of men are just fucking dumb! Dumb, dickless, ballless fucking slacking, bullshit LOSERS. Why can’t you please a woman? Because you are a selfish asshole that doesn’t try. You even fucking fail at phonesex and your’re not using your dick, you are using your brain which you CLEARLY do not use enough…
Now, this may be a little harsh but come on…You know who you are and what I am talking about and you suck, you deserve my harsh humiliation. While your stroking that useless dick you need to be reminded of just…HOW PATHETIC you really are. While you cry and use those tears as lube, I will be laughing at how pathetic you are.
Until then,
Goddess Lanie

Humiliation Week with Goddess Lanie July 11-15, 2016

11I have decided to dedicate this week to Humiliation! There are so many types of humiliation and we will not cover them all, but we will cover several of them.

So, what is Humiliation?

It is the abasement of pride, which creates mortification or leads to a state of being humbled or reduced to lowliness or submission. It is an emotion felt by a person whose social status has just decreased.

Means of Humiliation: Many scenarios may give rise to sexual humiliation. Some scenarios may be based on verbal abuse and others on physical aspects.

Verbal Humiliation and Physical Humiliation are two things I WILL cover this week and there are so many different ways within these two basic examples…

I will be available for calls, I will be producing audios and assignments all about humiliation!

Cum Eating Fantasies are Hot…

laniehumiliationI know you’re overwhelmed with all the cum dripping off your girlfriend/wife. She goes out and you just don’t know what shes doing…or do you?? Why is it so exciting to be a cuckold? There are so many reasons. Why is this such a hot fantasy for you? I want to know. Call me and tell me why it is so exciting for you to be a cuckold.





A sexually inadequate husband who accepts his wife’s pussy is her property ONLY and she alone decides which men she will fuck,even if it means denying her husband, which she totally will!! His only access to her pussy is to clean it of the ejaculate of males she chooses to fuck.


Doug has a very undesirable penis and has never given his wife Jill an orgasm. His choice was divorce or be a cuckold. He is now a fully submissive cuckold to Jill.

Now, if this describes you, click below to call!!

Anal Masturbation and Ass Sluts: Anal masturbation and humiliation go hand in hand!

lanie_8_I’m not sure exactly what it is about having your ass stretched out and loving it makes a man quite embarrassed. Maybe it’s the fact once you get hooked on butt fucking, you find yourself begging for it.

My favorite role play involves training an ass slut to cum from a dildo pounding him in the ass, which involves a heaping helping of strap-on humiliation. I imagine I tease you until you can hardly stand it, then I make you bend over, reach back, and spread your ass cheeks wide open for me and my friends to see.

Our giggling at your asshole on display does nothing to quiet your horny begging….

You want to please me, Right?!?!?

Well, anal masturbation definitely pleases me! So get ready!!

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Anal Masturbation and Ass Sluts: First things first: you need the right tools

039What I’ve learned about anal masturbation orgasms for men is that anal play quite often makes a man cum really hard– Why this happens is a matter of some speculation, and it certainly isn’t true for everyone. If you do enjoy a little diddle downstairs, however, you will reap some powerful rewards.

First things first: you need the right tools.

Choose your anal toys wisely. Make sure the item is smooth, long enough not to get lost, and the right size. You can go shopping for a butt plug, a nice smooth dildo, or even anal beads. Anal masturbation toys should have a nice wide base and no sharp seams. Check them carefully before you buy them.

In addition to commercially manufactured toys, you COULD just use some items around the house…Like… Taper candles, carrots, cucumbers, etc, will work in a pinch. The rules for anal toys especially apply to items you find around the house. Even if you are a humiliation whore, I doubt explaining how you got a candle stuck in your butt to the cute emergency room nurse is your idea of a good time (even if it is, play safe!).

Speaking of humiliation. . .

Come back later for more…
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Chronic Masturbator: Be Careful What You Wish For! (1)

039Are you a chronic masturbator? Do you spend your entire day looking for the next opportunity to stroke your pathetic penis?

What is it you’re chasing? For most masturbation addicts, you’re looking for a high that comes only from an orgasmic explosion. You run off every chance you get, jamming your hand down your pants, or pulling your little winky out, and feverishly tugging your little pud until it sputters jizz out of its gaping cock hole….

Now you must call me. Every time you think of touching that owned dick you must call me so I can start keeping track of your masturbating habits

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Taking great pleasure in humiliating you (Day 2)

lanie_8_ Being submissive heightens every sexual pleasure…Doesn’t it?

The control you give up to your Mistress is as much a turn on to you as it is for her to possess it. This control must be looked upon as an intimate gift from you to her…something humbly received, closely cherished, and used responsibly. Making eye contact with you tells you about the hierarchy that exists between us. You looking back deep into my eyes alerts you to the twinkle that is specifically meant for you and reinforces your submissiveness.

In your state of submission you will learn to masturbate and eat your own cum. You will go to the local shopping mall on a scavenger hunt looking to buy assorted goodies for yourself including pretty pink panties and “come fuck me” heels …and you will learn to properly fluff a cock for your wife/girlfriend. After having sex you can clean out the cream pie with your tongue. What a good cuckold you will be… You will also stand naked in front of a group of clothed females who will verbally torment you about your penis.

I’m being honest when I tell you that you have a mediocre-size cock. Do you realize every one of my past boyfriends had cocks significantly larger than yours? Your cock can’t even scratch the sides of a pussy, I’m sure of it. I like getting fucked by a real man who listens to his Goddess.

Now I’m forced to get my dildo and finish the job myself…the way a real man would have done it…


Do not tempt me. I have been really nice, nicer than a lot of people could be when they are trying…. Taking me as a nice, almost kind of weak woman will end up with tears landing on your pillow tonight when the truth of the actual loser percentage is presented… The truth that I hold secret from others will become exposed for all to see, in one way or another...
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Taking great pleasure in humiliating you…(Day 1)

001 You enjoy being dominated by beautiful, sexy, powerful women. You’ve felt this way as long as you can remember. A woman’s pleasure is all that matters to you regardless of what or how much she wants or needs…your personal expectations are as unwanted here as you saying “No” to your Goddess.

Allowing a woman to take great pleasure in humiliating you is just one of the important facets defining who you are. This is consistent given the feeble spinelessness of the typical male submissive. You fear the wrath of a woman’s scorn and fear being taken over by her yet it also serves to heighten your sexual pleasure. It’s the adrenaline rush you get from being dominated that excites your soul and makes you feel so alive..hard cock in hand can often be more exciting than one in the bush, don’t you agree?


Your submission becomes more obvious when you use your oral talents on your Mistress’s pussy, her feet and her toes. My female scents fill your nostrils with their love potion aromas leading you into a primitive state of heightened, albeit mindless, suggestibility. I have to say, however, it does take a real man to know his power belongs in the hands of a Goddess…
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