You’ve Never Been A Real Man, Sissy!

You’re just a sissy!

Wasn’t that small, pathetic little sissy clit your clue? The fact that every time you dropped your pants, the ladies pointed and laughed as they asked, “it gets bigger, doesn’t it?” or, if they actually allowed you inside, they asked, “are you in yet?” The fact that you had these powerful fantasies about sucking cock? Didn’t all of that tell you that you were never really a man?


But You’re Not Quite A Woman

We may call that tiny pindick a clit, but it’s not really, now is it? And, despite those bra forms you wear, you really don’t have any tits either, do you? The gay fantasies, the inability to sexually satisfy a woman the way real men do. These elements are all part of what makes you a sissy…and not quite a woman. So now, do you want to know what really makes you that sort of girlie girl? The sort that really isn’t man nor real woman…

The Perfect Sex Toy Sissy

You are the perfect sex toy – for a real man! Submissive, willing to do anything he asks. But most of all, it’s the fact that you’re there only to please him! You’ll suck his cock for hours, you’ll get down on all fours and spread your legs so he has access to your sissy hole – and he never, ever has to worry about getting you off! He can pull out, and you’ll stroke his cock and let him cover you in his jizz…and then thank him and even ask him for more! You are a perfect, slutty, sissy sex toy….that’s what you are!

No More “Girls Night Out” Cuckold

GoddessLanieCOntrolsCouldn’t you see this coming, cuckie?

I think you had an idea you were going be her cuckold, didn’t you? Every time your hot wife had a “girls night out,” she came home exhausted, and not in the mood for your advances. She’d come home late and just crawl into bed and fall asleep almost before her head hit the pillow. So, you gave her an ultimatum…no more “girls night out.”

You’re A Cuckold, So It’s Girls Night In

So, she called your bluff, and told you that from now on, she’d just have girls night in. When that first one came along, you were perfectly happy to help her clean up the house, make some sandwiches, put some wine in the fridge, all ready for that girls night in. You helped your hot wife dress up in a short mini-skirt and a revealing blouse. You were thinking it would be fun – you get your voyeur fix, since so many of her girlfriends were hot and sexy…and if they showed up dressed like her, you’d be in for quite a show! Then the doorbell started ringing, and guys started walking in. Where were the girls?

It Was A Girl’s Night In

You were confused when they started giving her deep French kisses and feeling her up, until she explained, she never went with her girlfriends…it was a Girl’s Night Out – and she was the girl, and these were all the guys she’d been fucking! She knew all about your cuckold fantasies, and she was so happy you wanted to be a part of them! Before you knew it, she was naked, and you were on your knees, fluffing every cock before she took over!

When the night was over, she told you next week it was going to be an actual girls night in…and you were going to serve all her friends as a sissy maid! Oh My!

So many ways to cuckold, whats your story?

Cock Control – Taking Possession of your Member!

golden-keyCock Control Is Mine Now…And Your Balls Too

That cock belongs to me!
When you first contacted me and confessed how your cock had taken control of your life, I had a simple solution. If you couldn’t control your cock, let a Cock Control Goddess like me do it for you. When we discussed it, I don’t think you really understood what that meant, did you? Let me spell it out for you. I own them now. That is MY cock and those are MY balls, and I’ll decide what gets done with them!

Take Good Care Of My Cock And Balls

Your only job, your only mission from here on out is to take good care of MY cock and balls. If I tell you not to touch them for a week, then you won’t touch them. If I give you guided masturbation instructions, you will follow them to the letter, stroking how I tell you, at what part of your dick or balls I tell you to, and at the speed or strength I tell you to. If I decide the best thing to do is to lock MY cock in a chastity cage, then you’ll do it.

11850002_1488653311446282_1808307739_nCock Control Is A Turn On

For your Masturbatrix, it’s a turn on because I get to control your pleasure. In order to get that pleasure, I know that you will do anything to please your Goddess. My needs and desires come first, as it should be. I know it’s a turn-on for you too. All I have to do is ask you, “are you taking good care of MY cock and balls, pet? I hope so, you never know when I might want to take them out and play with them.” And that is more than enough to keep you hard and horny!

Goddess Lanie

Get to work Sissy Cuckold!!

lanie_8_Get To Work, Sissy Cuckold

I do imagine being a cuckolding princess with a bull worthy of my attention. I think of you patiently awaiting his arrival in your sissy maid uniform, doing your sissy duties. All of his and my favorite snacks and drinks ready and waiting the the three way party. Unlike the typical three way adventure, you will not participate with the enjoyment of my body and sweet pussy. You will be reserved the cream pie and all of it’s delight!

He Laughs At Your Little Dick

I think I will brazenly do a sexy strip tease while he reveals his big thick cock. He watches me with great intent while you are being ignored by both of us. Finally he snaps his finger and glares at you pointing at his big black cock. He laughs at your little tiny cock in sissy maid panties as you crawl your way over, loser. This is your fluffer boy cue. Do it right! You are getting him ready for me.

I’m Ready For The Big Cock

Finally my sexy black lingerie is on the floor, and I stand there in all of my naked glory. I think you jealous as he quickly dismisses you and comes over to me, picking me up and bringing me to the bedroom for the fuck of my life. At least for now. There will be other cuckolder’s to take his place. You will still be here enduring one after the other because you are my little dicked slave and sissy bitch forever, at least until I say.


Goddess Lanie

Is Chastity and Cock and Orgasm Control for you??

GoddessControl can be the ultimate aphrodisiac. It’s intoxicating when wielded by someone who knows exactly what makes you tick. I love male chastity for this reason. Locking up your cock is a way in which I can control you. Once you submit your sexuality to Me you’ll find a change in your emotions and focus. Your attention will be on Me and what I want which is exactly where it’s supposed to be.
Remember those maddening experiences when all you can think about was your object of affection? They were both painful and pleasurable weren’t they? Chastity has the potential to suspend you in that lovely sometimes euphoric state of focused attention. This is why I love it so much. I know that by controlling your orgasms I can get you to do whatever I wish and you’ll be grateful for it. Why grateful you ask? Well I believe you desire female authority and control otherwise you wouldn’t be here, would you?
golden-keyThe idea of handing over control of the very essence of what it is to be male is more erotic than you can handle. You both long for it and fear it. Isn’t that the way with all desire? Why not succumb to your desire for My control? Imagine being locked away for a few weeks and the delicious feeling of being released knowing that you pleased your Goddess. I’ll enjoy the erotic energy being cultivated in your submission to Me and finally allowing you that amazing respite from constant sexual frustration and teasing. Let’s see how strong you can be to hand over the keys to your cock and belong to Me.

Cum Eating Fantasies are Hot…

laniehumiliationI know you’re overwhelmed with all the cum dripping off your girlfriend/wife. She goes out and you just don’t know what shes doing…or do you?? Why is it so exciting to be a cuckold? There are so many reasons. Why is this such a hot fantasy for you? I want to know. Call me and tell me why it is so exciting for you to be a cuckold.





A sexually inadequate husband who accepts his wife’s pussy is her property ONLY and she alone decides which men she will fuck,even if it means denying her husband, which she totally will!! His only access to her pussy is to clean it of the ejaculate of males she chooses to fuck.


Doug has a very undesirable penis and has never given his wife Jill an orgasm. His choice was divorce or be a cuckold. He is now a fully submissive cuckold to Jill.

Now, if this describes you, click below to call!!

You ask “WHY” I Ruin Orgasms…

lanie_8_Why do I ruin orgasms?

When you hand over control of your cock to a Mistress, you’ve given her to power to decide when and how you cum. Sometimes I ruin orgasm to keep you sexually needy and horny, so that we can play more. Sometimes I do it because I know as soon as you’ve had that full release you’ll go back to being that self-centered jerk you were. Sometimes I do it to teach you a lesson. Mostly, I just do it because I can.

Questioning your Goddess is NEVER a good thing for you or your orgasms. I have my reasons and if you do not know WHY I would do it to YOU…Call me and lets find out. I will be sure to tell you after I ruin your orgasm completely…leaving you begging and pleading and not hearing anything but the word NO NO NO NO NO…
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Dreaming of the cuckold life? Be careful what you wish for….

lanie_8_Picture a husband home alone, waiting for his wife to arrive. She says she’s out with friends, but he knows that’s just not right. He putters around the house, but nothing hold his interest. It doesn’t matter what’s on tv. He’s restless on the couch and has probably opened the fridge about five times before closing it again. Drumming his fingers on the counter, he knows what he did. And now he’s home alone, and there’s no one to blame but himself.

He’s a cuckold, and he knows it. But it’s not exactly what he pictured. No, this man imagined that he’d be there, soaking up every moment. Another cock enjoys her. But he can only imagine what his wife is doing now, he can only guess how she sounds when she whimpers and begs. He knows those moments are not for him…

Sound familiar? Perhaps your story is different?…I want to know…

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Taking great pleasure in humiliating you…(Day 1)

001 You enjoy being dominated by beautiful, sexy, powerful women. You’ve felt this way as long as you can remember. A woman’s pleasure is all that matters to you regardless of what or how much she wants or needs…your personal expectations are as unwanted here as you saying “No” to your Goddess.

Allowing a woman to take great pleasure in humiliating you is just one of the important facets defining who you are. This is consistent given the feeble spinelessness of the typical male submissive. You fear the wrath of a woman’s scorn and fear being taken over by her yet it also serves to heighten your sexual pleasure. It’s the adrenaline rush you get from being dominated that excites your soul and makes you feel so alive..hard cock in hand can often be more exciting than one in the bush, don’t you agree?


Your submission becomes more obvious when you use your oral talents on your Mistress’s pussy, her feet and her toes. My female scents fill your nostrils with their love potion aromas leading you into a primitive state of heightened, albeit mindless, suggestibility. I have to say, however, it does take a real man to know his power belongs in the hands of a Goddess…
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